UK Police to take cybersecurity courses to increase cyber crime knowledge

Law enforcement in the United Kingdom are now expected to tackle cyber crime such as online fraud, scams, and crimes being committed for the purposes of identity theft and financial gain. They must also now become familiar with the threats, concepts and basics of how such attacks are conducted.

In their public duty, the UK has decided that law enforcement must know how to advise victims of cybersecurity related crimes, as well as make them aware of their rides and send them in the right direction. In November, Cisco announced their partnership with the UK to provided cybersecurity training for the officers.
Andy Beet, from the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Data Communications Group, said the courses and initiative at large would, “raise awareness and increase their understanding of cybercrime and cyberthreats,” and that “it is important for all police officers to understand cybersecurity as fully as possible; by doing so they can develop their knowledge in this increasingly important area, improving security in both their professional and personal lives.”