ShotSpotter reports big rise in U.S. gunfire incidents in 2016

Gunfire incidents detected by ShotSpotter solutions that were sent to United States law enforcement agencies in 2016 totaled 74,916, compared to 54,699 in 2015, the provider of gunfire detection and location technology says. As part of its ShotSpotter 2016 National Gunfire Index, the report also found that the single busiest day for a city was 85 gunfire incidents on Aug. 14. The highest number of gunshots in a single hour was 26 gunfire incidents on Aug. 13, between 10-11 p.m.

The Index is based on data from a statistical sample of U.S. cities that used ShotSpotter in 2016. The 72 cities that were analyzed had a total coverage area of 305 square miles, with a median coverage area of 3.1 square miles. The company states the Index delivers objective urban gunfire incident data that demonstrates gun violence in the U.S. is much greater than what is typically measured in terms of homicides and non-fatal shootings alone. Findings for 2016 include the average number of rounds fired per reported incident was 3.8.

“With such a significant number of ShotSpotter published gunfire incidents in the past year, it’s clear to see that urban gunfire continues to be a challenge for many communities across the United States,” says ShotSpotter President and CEO Ralph Clark. “But knowledge is power, and we believe the local agencies’ understanding and use of this data is critical in enabling them to partner with communities in reducing gun violence and improving the safety of residents.”