Security costs to protect 2028 Olympic Games could surpass $2B

While the cost and strategy of securing the 2028 Olympic Games is near unpredictable at this early juncture, Los Angeles officials and other experts predict the city can expect the bill to run well north of $2 billion. That rough guestimate is partly based on what Los Angeles was expecting to foot for security costs associated with hosting the 2024 summer games. (In late July, Los Angeles announced a deal with the International Olympic Committee to play host to the 2028 Summer Olympics, giving up a bid for the 2024 Games to Paris.)
Technology will play a central role in protecting the games, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told the Los Angeles Times, with detection and prevention more vital than even show of force. He expects the traditional threats of explosives, guns and other deadly weapons would remain, but a new generation of terror and sabotage will likely evolve.

“It is tough to say,” Beck said of the threats 11 years from now. “I would imagine by that time cybersecurity is going to be all encompassing.” “It will be the financial security of the Games, the financial security of the city, the protection of infrastructure from hackers,” Beck continued.
The Games are set to be declared a national special security event. The federal government, through the Secret Service, will lead a multiple-agency law enforcement effort. Beck explained the approach is going to be vital because of the vast numbers of personnel needed over so many weeks.