Philippine Police seizes 536 guns in crackdown on security firms

The Philippine National Police (PNP) confiscated more than 500 firearms from security agencies in Metro Manila with cease to operate (CTO) orders. PNP Civil Security Group (CSG) head Director Camilo Pancratius Cascolan presented to members of media a total of 536 firearms consisting of handguns, revolvers and shotguns they seized from eight security agencies that violated rules and regulations such as non-renewal of licenses to operate and expired licenses of firearms.

The CSG is studying what charges to file against the eight security firms, some of which kept the firearms for three to five years. Cascolan said they have intensified their operations against private security agencies (PSAs) that are in possession of firearms despite with closure orders.

“We need to ensure that no private security agencies with CTO order are still operating and that there should be no firearms in their possession,” he said in an ambush interview with reporters. Based on their records, the CSG has served closure orders to 76 of the 452 security firms with violations in Metro Manila. Majority of these PSAs voluntarily surrendered their firearms, according to Cascolan. There are around 900 security agencies in the National Capital Region and 1,500 across the country, based on CSG records. Cascolan said it is important that the firearms should be in the control of the government