Orlando looks to connect security cameras city-wide to improve public safety

The City of Orlando is launching an initiative to connect security cameras city-wide to enhance safety. Orlando Connect is a program that aims to integrate city-owned cameras and privately-owned cameras to help police respond to, solve and deter crime.

“As a future-ready city, we are always looking at how we can leverage emerging technology in a way that benefits our residents and businesses,” Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said. “This new program does just that, while also furthering our efforts to keep Orlando safe in the ever-changing world we live in.”

According to the city, Orlando Connect currently operates with a network of more than 1,100 city-owned cameras. The video feeds can be accessed in real-time by officers as they respond to a public safety situation. City leaders said residents and businesses can now join the program by either registering their cameras or integrating their systems to allow police to access their privately-owned security camera footage when necessary.

“The Orlando Connect program expands the eyes of the police department with capability to access both public and private camera feeds,” Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith said. “This is a game changer for fighting and deterring crime.”

According to the city, the program has strict guidelines in accordance with current and applicable law, to uphold all privacy laws and ensure there are no violations of any individual’s civil rights. The city said the program will only accept video feeds from private cameras that are located where the public has access to and there is no expectation of privacy related to that space.