Ireland welcomes its first self-service airport gates

The first automatic border control gates are to be installed at Dublin Airport, in an effort to increase security and speed up queues. They use face recognition on passengers while electronically checking the authenticity of biometric passports. Travelers are required to look towards an advanced facial recognition camera while scanning their passport with a passport reader. Initially, 20 e-Gates will be installed at Dublin Airport and will be fully operational before the end of the year.

A total of 10 will be available to use at either terminal. It is hoped the new gates will allow immigration officials to carry out passport checks quicker, with only one immigration officer needed to monitor several gates. Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan said the introduction of the e-Gates will strengthen security and improve the experience of passengers at the border.

“The introduction of e-Gates will greatly enhance our immigration controls, including our border security, while at the same time providing an improved passenger experience through self-service and speedier passage through the immigration process,” he said.
Irish and other EU travelers over 18 with e-passports and Irish passport cards will be able to use the gates. The Department of Justice said it will also consider extending the use of e-gates to non-EU passport holders “to allow for easier entry for regular visitors such as business travellers”