At IFSEC 2017, Panasonic focuses on reducing total cost for CCTV technology

Panasonic is set to launch a new direction for its European security business at IFSEC 2017, asking the industry to change how CCTV is perceived and procured. Panasonic proprietary technology such as rain wash coating, dehumidification and smart coding technology reduce the overall cost of maintaining and operating CCTV technology. In order to place a value on this, the company has commissioned an ROI calculator, which compares the lifetime cost of security cameras from leading manufacturers to determine which provides best long term value.

The calculator, which it will present at IFSEC, examines the cost of data storage and transmission, maintenance and cleaning, the potential risks associated with poor cyber security as well as the revenue generative potential of people counting, and age and gender recognition technology.

“For a couple of years Panasonic has been talking about how its unique embedded camera technologies reduce the total cost of ownership,” said John Boyle, Country Manager for Panasonic UK. “In addition, our ability to offer end to end cyber security protects organisations against data breaches and prepares them for forthcoming changes to data protection law. So, the traditional approach of procuring on the cost of the camera doesn’t do us any favours and we need to change the way the market views the buying of security technology. This year at IFSEC, we want to initiate some new discussions with some system integration partners, who recognise that the cost of the box is only the start of the journey.”