All Dubai taxis to have surveillance cameras this year

All of Dubai’s taxis will have surveillance cameras by this year end, monitoring drivers’ behaviour and compliance with the professional driving standards, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced. As part of RTA’s efforts to improve transportation services and enhancing the level of security for passengers. “Surveillance cameras to keep an eye on drivers have been installed in about 6,500 taxis out of a total fleet comprising 10,221 cabs. The project will cover the remainder of taxis this year,” said Adel Shakri, Director of Transportation Systems, at RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

He added that the System aims to ensure the compliance of taxi drivers with the rules and principles of professional and moral conducts. “This will motivate them to observe better standards of behaviour and attitudes towards passengers. The footage of these cameras can be retrieved in case of any violations reported during the taxi trips to eliminate any complaints from service beneficiaries,” added Shakri. He said that the RTA always seeks to ensure the comfort and security of taxi riders in Dubai through using hi-tech devices and techniques to maximise their satisfaction