40,000 CCTV cameras to make Kuala Lumpur smart and safe

A total of 40,000 high-definition closed-circuit television cameras will be installed along major streets in Kuala Lumpur and in Putrajaya as part of the safe cities initiative. The project will incorporate an integrated management and emergency command system.
The cutting-edge advanced digital technology system will include 10 command centres that will take on the roles of networking, gathering information, releasing information, communicating, dispatching and monitoring. The proposed command centres will be the Kuala Lumpur Control Centre, Putrajaya Municipal Administration Department Command Centre, the police command and control centres at Bukit Aman and city police headquarters, and six in Putrajaya.

The move to make the Federal Territories safer is a collaboration among Safe City Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur City Hall and Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan. Safe City’s managing director Teoh Chee Leong said the project would be carried out in phases as it would require the team to establish the infrastructure to accommodate the high-powered networks needed for an advanced security system. “We are going to have a dedicated high-speed fibre network to ensure steady connectivity, especially for government bodies and agencies,” he told reporters at Menara DBKL after the signing ceremony.

“There is a need to upgrade the current system into a more sophisticated network, before any form of integration can take place.” Teoh said the upgrades would include installing high-definition CCTV cameras around the city centre and digital policing programmes. Safe City would also encompass a public security prevention and control system including high-definition video monitoring, an all-media sharing platform, face recognition technology, moveable communication command vehicles, single soldier site enforcement recorders and official affairs vehicles for police. Once implemented, Malaysia will have a systematic media working platform which can see feedback on accidents in real time.

The smart system would be able to issue an order, make a report or prompt enforcement officers nearby on its own. Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan chief executive officer Datuk Roslan Hassan said this initiative would provide improved security in the city. “Today, sadly, whenever crime happens, there would be some delays in disseminating information. With Safe City, hopefully the information will be relayed with no hiccups and the perpetrators can be brought to justice quickly,” he said.