‘Secure campus or lose licence’

Tightening the noose around schools affiliated to it, the Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has directed them to form committees within a month to ensure safety and security of students on campus. Failure to comply could lead to cancellation of their licence. Previously, the Ahmedabad police commissioner had issued a circular listing safety measure for schools to follow.

Recently GSHSEB issued a circular to education officials of various departments and schools instructing them to ensure safety of students on campus while putting down certain rules. The schools will have to submit a compliance report to the board at the end of a month. As per the circular, schools will have to set up a committee under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, details of which will have to be uploaded on their website as well as notice board.

A separate committee will have to be instituted to resolve complaints related to the school, staff, parents and students. Schools have been instructed to train principals in student safety measures during meetings of Shala Vikas Sankul (SVS) and Quality Development Committee (QDC). Dr RB Gadhavi, principal of Diwan Ballubhai School, Paldi, said, “Pressure from the board will be beneficial for students. I feel that compulsion is required for a few social issues. These steps will benefit the society and students in the coming years.”