SAI requests for amendments in PSARA 2005

The Security Association of India has written to the Prime Minister requesting the Central Government to make some amendments in the PSARA 2005 wherein the welfare of the private security guard is included and Principal Employers (Clients) also have to compensate financially, in case the security guard is attacked, injured or killed on duty. Any physical attack on a private security guard on duty should be treated at par with what is being done in the case of Government security personnel, the Association said.

The Association mentioned a recent case, wherein a private security supervisor Shoyeb Khan, while performing duty at Powai Lake, Mumbal, encountered criminals who wanted to illegally and forcibly cast nets for catching fish. When he resisted, he was stabbed and thrown into the Powai Lake. He was guarding the property of Mumbai Municipal Corporation of Maharashtra State. The Municipal body will pay his legal dues and help in submitting the Provident Fund claim and ESIC benefit if any. SAI has also decided to contribute and reward him /his family. However the SAI has written that since the guard sacrificed his life for safeguarding public property, he should be honoured and awarded posthumously by the state of Maharashtra. The letter to the PM was written by SAI president, Mr Gurcharan Singh, who has been vocal in demanding rights of the private security guards for many years.