Maharashtra Police to get a new breed of canine officers from Belgium

The Maharashtra Police will get a new ‘ruff’ and tough breed of dogs – Belgian Malinois – to combat terror and Naxalite threats. Known to be more ferocious and hardy than other canine breeds currently working with the state police, these dogs are also used in the US to protect the White House. The state police have initiated a process to procure 20 Belgian Malinois that will directly be handed over to Force-1 for training and deployment in sensitive combat zones. These dogs are more sturdy and fierce than the German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers currently in service with the police force. Their heightened agility and aggression make them ideal canine companions for security forces in combat with terrorists and Naxalites.

Sanjay Kumar, Additional Director General of Police, state CID, said, “This breed of dog doesn’t require as much care as German Shepherds or Labradors, especially when it comes to temperature. This Belgian breed can work even in hot conditions. Thus, procurement of this breed has been processed specifically for Naxal areas and to deal with terror-related incidents.” The move to procure the dogs comes after the same breed was also inducted into the Border Security Force (BSF) and Rajasthan Police to handle tough tasks. The National Security Guard (NSG) and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police also employ this breed

Belgian Malinois can be used as working dogs for tasks such as detection of explosives, and narcotics, as well as tracking crime suspects. These keen sniffers are also employed in search and rescue missions. Several countries employ Belgian Malinois for high-pressure work – the US Secret Service uses these top dogs for the top job of guarding the grounds of the White House and its inhabitants, including the President. Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and several other nations employ such dogs for detection, protection and police work.