Brazilian AI cameras to keep watch on Indian metros

Brazilian security company, Polsec, will start testing its artificial intelligence-based cameras on the streets of three Indian metro cities — Mumbai, Delhi and Agra — from the start of January 2018, say reports. 100 units of the camera, called ‘Smart Eyes’, will be installed across the three cities and Polsec will increase the coverage across cities after all the necessary features are added to the cameras.

Renato Werner, the chief executive of Polsec commented on the use of the cameras to control traffic violations and littering issues. “The state governments are quite keen to look onto garbage debris, parking issues and vehicle behavior.” Werner said. The AI cameras work mostly on knowledge, experience and intuition. “For instance, the camera, after a few times, will learn how many people cross this street every day at this hour. But if it suddenly triples, the camera will detect this unusual behaviour and report.”

India is steadily raising the number of CCTV cameras it has in its cities. Mumbai has one of the highest number of CCTV cameras installed in public places with more than 4,717 CCTV cameras being installed across 1,510 locations in the city on major crossings and roads.
CCTV cameras for surveillance are also making their way into trains and buses in India. A few trains in Mumbai and Delhi have been installed with CCTV cameras as a beta test since October 2017 and the number will continue to grow based on results. Delhi’s transport department is also looking to install CCTV cameras for safety reasons in more than 6,300 buses.