1,457 of over 4,000 CCTVs non-functional, Delhi Police tells HC

The Delhi Police have informed the Delhi High Court that there are 4,388 CCTV cameras across the city to ensure safety and security of people, of which 1,457 are non-functional. Delhi Police, in its affidavit before a bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice V K Rao, further said that the CCTVs primarily cover the “entry and exit points of a particular market/border area for security purposes, instead of covering road accidents”.

“In all, 4,388 CCTVs have been installed by Delhi Police and the same are being controlled and monitored exclusively by Delhi Police,” the affidavit said. It added that there are 78 CCTVs around the Supreme Court, out of which 63 are functional and 15 are non-functional. Police said in the affidavit that around India Gate, only seven CCTVs out of 40 are functional. Around the Delhi High Court complex, there are 35 CCTVs and 30 are functional, the affidavit further stated.

While giving area-wise status of functional and non-functional CCTVs across the city, the affidavit said that on the VIP route at Delhi Cantonment, all 85 CCTVs are functional. It stated that at Dwarka district court, there are 170 CCTVs, out of which 15 are non-functional.

The Delhi Police’s affidavit came in the backdrop of the court’s direction issued during the hearing of a PIL initiated by it, after receiving a letter from an AIIMS physiotherapist.
The PIL claimed that on the night of June 28, a speeding vehicle came towards his car from the opposite direction near the India Gate circle and assaulted him before speeding away.