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India has the world’s largest number of private security workers

web-post September 29, 2017

If you live in cities, you might have had more encounters with a private security guard than a police officer. Their ubiquitous presence is more or less taken for granted, especially in industrial areas, public installations and office spaces. With 7 million security guards and 1.4 million police officers, India has five times as many… Continue Reading »


Road accidents claimed nearly 400 lives every day in India in 2016

web-post September 15, 2017

India witnessed 17 deaths and 55 road accidents every hour in 2016, one of the highest in the world, according to the latest report released by the Union road transport and highways ministry. The report compiled by the ministry’s Transport Research Wing said road accidents killed 150,785 people across India in 2016 — a 3.3%… Continue Reading »


In India’s first army overhaul, 57,000 soldiers to be redeployed in combat roles

web-post September 7, 2017

India has announced an extensive restructuring of its army, an exercise that will see 57,000 soldiers being re-deployed in combat roles to sharpen the force’s fighting edge. Announcing the government’s decision to usher in the much-needed reforms, defence minister Arun Jaitley told media after a cabinet meeting the “far-reaching” revamp was aimed at improving army’s… Continue Reading »


India to deploy Israeli Fence System that detects infiltration bids on Pakistan and Bangladesh borders

web-post August 16, 2017

The BSF is implementing an ambitious project called the comprehensive integrated border management system (CIBMS) as part of the Narendra Modi government’s plan to completely seal the Indo-Pak and India-Bangladesh borders in the next few years. The BSF is tasked with guarding the over 6,300-km-long two borders and its chief, in an interview to PTI,… Continue Reading »


India leads globally in adoption of biometric tech

web-post June 8, 2017

With advancements in the field of biometric technology, India has topped globally in adoption of biometrics techniques, says a report. “On an average, people in India (9 per cent) are three times more likely than any other country (3 per cent) surveyed to have used ‘iris recognition’ to identify themselves,” said the HSBC’s recent ‘Trust… Continue Reading »


India makes biometrics compulsory in e-govt programmes

web-post May 31, 2017

The Indian government has released new e-govt guidelines that make biometrics a compulsory authentication factor. The staff guidelines come under a “National e-Governance Plan” that aims to make all government services available electronically. The guidelines state that biometric authentication is now mandatory, with fingerprints, faces and irises all acceptable. “The Indian Government encourages use of… Continue Reading »


India down to 4 old minesweepers as Chinese Subs step up forays into Indian Ocean

web-post May 19, 2017

India is now left with just four old minesweepers, which are specialised warships used to detect, track and destroy enemy mines to keep harbours and shipping traffic safe. But the long-pending Rs 32,000 crore deal to build 12 advanced mine countermeasure vessels (MCMVs) at Goa Shipyard with South Korea’s help is yet to be inked…. Continue Reading »


India to push tech giants on govt. biometric plans

web-post October 11, 2016

India could make it mandatory for tech giants like Apple and Google to develop products linking to its biometrics-backed unique ID project. A failure to integrate with the Aadhaar scheme, which uses fingerprint and iris-scan authentication to access a range of public and private services, could impact on their presence in the country. An analyst… Continue Reading »


Biometric micro-ATMs eyed for inclusion in India

web-post July 28, 2016

Researchers in India have developed a small mobile ATM that would use iris and fingerprint recognition for transactions. Developed by the Centre for Intelligent Systems at the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), the handheld ATM device is the size of a landline telephone. Rather than storing cash in a secure part of the device, it… Continue Reading »

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