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The GST Saga Security industry grateful to RK Sinha for getting it partial relief in GST

web-post July 19, 2017

The private security industry in India that invariably has to face dejection after every union budget with it being ignored when it comes to getting tax related concessions, this time had to face an even bigger challenge. The original roll out of GST slabs had in fact let it down abysmally. The industry that deals… Continue Reading »


Access control: The under-estimated facet of security

web-post June 19, 2017

In the world of security technology, a venue is deemed secure if there is surveillance in place, in the shape of CCTV cameras scanning the perimeter and other areas where surveillance is required. While the utility of surveillance in not only scanning for post event analysis but even for causing deterrence is undeniable, most acts… Continue Reading »


Securing Diplomatic Missions

web-post May 12, 2017

Governments’ property portfolios, especially diplomatic missions, are vital and valuable assets that ensure governments can carry out their duties both domestically and internationally. These assets are all possible targets for acts of terrorism and other forms of violence. Government buildings are one of the most common targets for terrorist attacks as the targets fit many… Continue Reading »

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