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In India’s first army overhaul, 57,000 soldiers to be redeployed in combat roles

web-post September 7, 2017

India has announced an extensive restructuring of its army, an exercise that will see 57,000 soldiers being re-deployed in combat roles to sharpen the force’s fighting edge. Announcing the government’s decision to usher in the much-needed reforms, defence minister Arun Jaitley told media after a cabinet meeting the “far-reaching” revamp was aimed at improving army’s… Continue Reading »


Army granted special powers to buy weapons for military emergencies

web-post July 19, 2017

In a major decision, the government has empowered the Army directly to procure critical weapons systems and military platforms to maintain combat readiness for short duration ‘intense wars’, a top government official said. The move, aimed at filling the ‘voids’ in the Army’s combat readiness, comes amid nearly a month-long standoff between the armies of… Continue Reading »


Army wants its own ‘mini Air Force’

web-post May 24, 2017

The Indian Army has now strongly revived its old quest for a “mini air force” of its own, in a move that has been bitterly opposed by the IAF in the past. The force wants three squadrons of heavy-duty attack helicopters, among other choppers, for its three primary “strike” corps geared for rapid armoured thrusts… Continue Reading »


J&K: Army gets heavy firepower to fight terrorists this summer

web-post March 9, 2017

The Centre has given a major push to equip the Army and central paramilitary forces with advanced weapons and equipment in anticipation of increased militant activity in Kashmir valley in summer. “Intelligence reports already suggest that militants are planning major offensive in the Valley. Even last year the infiltration attempts were at an all-time high,”… Continue Reading »


Army Jawans to finally get their first modern helmet

web-post January 25, 2017

For the first time ever, each and every jawan of the Indian Army will be equipped with a world-class helmet, an essential piece of kit that can be the difference between life and death during military operations. Reports say that an Indian company, the Kanpur-based MKU Industries has been contracted to manufacture 1.58 lakh helmets… Continue Reading »


Army suggests use of sonic weapons, pepper ammo, chilli grenades in Kashmir

web-post August 23, 2016

As the debate over using of pellet guns by security forces in Kashmir continues, the Army has said, non-lethal weapons like pepper shots, chilli grenades can be used to disperse crowds. The Army has given the suggestion to a panel formed by the Centre to look into the issue of pellet guns used by the… Continue Reading »


Army advisory: Keep off our uniform

web-post January 14, 2016

Pointing out that in most cases information from locals pertaining to the movement of suspicious persons wearing military pattern clothes and carrying haversacks turned out to be misleading and caused inconvenience to the people at large, the Army has advised police personnel and civilians to refrain from using such attire. Thanking the public for providing… Continue Reading »


Army to deploy remote-controlled guns at LoC to take on infiltrators

web-post October 16, 2015

Remote-controlled machine guns will make their debut at the Line of Control (LoC) by the year-end as the army prepares to tighten security measures to fend off infiltrators along vulnerable patches south of the Pir Panjal range that separates Jammu hills from the Kashmir valley. The first prototype sub-machine guns operated by remote control are… Continue Reading »


Chinese army bans smartwatches due to security fears

web-post May 18, 2015

Smartwatches and all other smart wearables have been banned by the Chinese army. Smartwatches pose a serious threat to the 1.6 million-strong People’s Liberation Army, according to the Liberation Army Daily—the country’s leading military newspaper. The Daily reported China’s effort to strengthen cybersecurity and secure loopholes created by overseas-made technology. “The moment a soldier puts… Continue Reading »

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