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Surveillance Systems Operators: The Men behind the Machines

admin July 17, 2013

You are responsible for the security in your organisation. After extensive debate, much research and even more arduous selling of the proposition to your top management, you’ve just spent about half a crore of rupees to get your organisation a new/fully

refurbished security system and have begun to hope that your security related problems will be greatly reduced and you will now have a more relaxed work environment!

Wake up to the real world! Your problems have just begun!! You are in for the most harrowing time of your life – and it may even end by costing you your job!!! Why?

You review the entire process and tick off all the relevant steps: you analysed the threats, evaluated the risks, assessed what level of risk your organisation could bear, even suggested to top management to take insurance against risks which you would not be able to mitigate, called in a consultant to help decide what equipment to put in, and where to put it, even took his help in evaluating the capabilities and bids of the bidders, got your finance department to go through the contract terms with a fine toothed comb, included extended warranty terms and even Quality of Service norms in the contract, and finally ensured that the contractor would train your operators in the use of the new equipment.


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