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Surveillance solutions for the Education Sector

web-post November 21, 2013

SECURITY TODAY interacted with Mr. Yogesh Dutta, Sr. Vice President, Aditya Infotech Ltd. a leading Security Solutions company in India on security threats to the educational institutions.

What are prevailing threats and security issues in education institutions?

Campus violence has scarred the academic landscape across the globe. As the specter of urban terror looms large over the world, the list of possible terror targets has lengthened to include university and school institutions.

In India, educational institutions have been facing security threats such as incidents of suicides and deaths due to ragging, shootouts, acid attacks, kidnapping, molestations, ransom, vandalism, bullying and many more.

Administrations in educational institutions are gearing up not only to provide a safe environment for students, staff and visitors, but also to secure property and establish a rapid response mechanism to address emergencies and unforeseen crises.

How security systems can help education sector in enabling safety and security?

A time was when the security on a campus would be the guards at the entry and exit points, with a simple agenda of checking the identity cards and getting visitors to fill in their details on the visitor’s slip or registers.

Academic campuses can be huge, usually comprising of several buildings, access points and parking lots. Based on needs and location, we have complete integrated solutions ranging from video surveillance, access and attendance control systems, intrusion detection systems and fire & safety solutions.

The parents and guardians of the children have raised the demand to equip schools with adequate security measures, which have prompted these institutions to go in for advanced security solutions.

What are the new Apps and innovative solutions that are available to enhance campus security?

Educational institutions are seeking a total security package to guard against threats like unauthorized entry, vandalism, unsafe parking lots and random acts of violence.

A total security solution requires an IP platform and management software that centralizes the surveillance needs of the campus and enables integration with other security solutions. Video surveillance is a force multiplier on campuses as it deters crime, prevents vandalism, monitors parking lots, aids in investigations and implementation of university policies and allows remote access. Apart from emergencies, archived video can also be used to provide evidence in disciplinary and can discourage smoking, drug use and fighting amongst students.

Video Content Analytics (VCA) also allow crowd behavior recognition. A video surveillance system using analytics can identify a variety of misdemeanors – be it a drunken person entering the campus, students bunking classes, disturbing the library environment etc.

What role do Access Control & Alarm Systems play in securing campuses?

Access Control Systems can be either biometric or card based. These systems keep track of attendance and control access to restricted areas within the campus. Alarm systems can intelligently sense different emergencies such as fire and intrusion and raise an alarm in real time accordingly.

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