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Overview of Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention

admin July 17, 2013

Courtesy: Whitehelm

What is Intrusion Detection?

Intrusion detection, is the attempt to monitor and possibly prevent attempts to intrude into or otherwise compromise your system and network resources. Simply put, it works like this: You have a computer system. It is attached to a network, and perhaps even to the internet. You are willing to allow access to that computer system from the network, by authorised people, for acceptable reasons. For example, you have a web server, attached to the internet, and you are willing to allow your clients, staff, and potential clients, to access the web pages stored on that web server.

You are not, however, willing to allow unauthorised access to that system by anyone, be that staff, customers, or unknown third parties. For example, you do not want people (other than the web designers that your company has employed) to be able to change the web pages on that computer. Typically, a firewall or authentication system of some kind will be employed to prevent unauthorised access.

Sometimes, however, simple firewalling or authentication systems can be broken. Intrusion detection is the set of mechanisms that you put in place to warn of attempted unauthorised access to the computer. Intrusion detection systems can also take some steps to deny access to would-be intruders.

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