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admin July 17, 2013

White Paper 2/April 2013

Security Guarding Prospective in the Foreseeable Future


In the current domestic context the government presently confronts multiple threats from internal conflicts at societal level and finds it unable to control security outcomes in large swathes of the country be it J&K, North East, Maoist belt in central India stimulating social frustration and opposition. Consequently, large number of central forces, state police, para-military forces are preoccupied with managing these conflict areas. Thus, it is resulting in Private Security taking over the task of guarding Corporate entities and even in some cases public sector undertakings because of widespread shortages in its security ranks.

Internal tensions abound with militant groups and other Jihadi groups taking advantage to create instabilities/fear-psychosis in areas/towns with business centres, multinational outfits/Corporate. Thereby, increasing their reliance on Private Security establishments. Hence, there is an increasing likelihood of exponential growth in requirement of Private Security guarding.

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