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New Generation of Access Control: International Security Industry Organisation

admin September 7, 2013

The Access Control system is the managing software of security systems. Currently the standard access control system software is able to open and close doors, switch on and off lights, shut down lifts, allocate access to specific areas for persons, and manage open bridged devices such as CCTV.

Managers therefore should add a second RFiD system in order to bring themselves into “The New Generation”. ‘The New Access Control Generation’ provides the operators a much wider scope of applications. The RFiD (radio frequency identification device) technology has matured to the degree of being a necessary technology to facilitate and control more applications besides people and assets.

Asset tracking and monitoring is now a function of Access Control for people for example visitors, staff, temporary workers and assets such as deliveries or equipment are tagged on arrival at the reception desk of the particular site. Systems also now integrate with other departments such as accounting, stores, customer care and departments besides the security department.

The tags are zoned for access to specific areas. The route then is tracked under the antenna umbrella range. The system can connect to the Internet and therefore the Safety and Security Manager is able to interact via a 3G Tablet, Laptop or PC. This enables the highest form of efficiency by managing staff in concert during an event in play or locating assets.

Managers can therefore be informed if persons or assets are entering an authorized or unauthorized zone. Access to an unauthorized zone is possible with an authorized escort. Staff can be informed by SMS or E-mail if breach of the system has taken place, if an object is being moved which has been secured by a motion detector, or is being tampered with or persons being in restricted areas.

This provides for a ‘pro-active defense’ position for the Security manager, as the trail can be followed of persons or assets entering a site which could lead to a search of the route taken if necessary.

The efficiency for ‘Building Evacuation’ is therefore highly improved with the RFiD technology as all persons, assets and equipment can be located, directed and accounted for within seconds. Various tags increase the number of applications manageable by access control operators for tampering, tracing, tracking and auditing.

wh-access-2Deliveries and Collections security is enhanced as the RFiD technology tag and system tracks the assets from when it obtains the tag until the asset is moved or leaves the premises. High value assets, trade secrets, laptops, 3G tablets, samples, equipment can be traced quickly and zoned to specific departments for higher security measures, and therefore speedily a ‘stock take’ can be viewed instantly.

Improved Environmental Security is enabled for temperature or humidity as alarming can be enabled into the system. To elaborate, there may be samples, fridges or equipment that is reliant on specific temperature or humidity conditions.

Applications adapt the system and equipment to suit the needs of all vertical markets, for example: health care; whereas, a hospital requires a higher level of access control for quarantine security, or anti wandering device for the mentally ill to the kidnap protection system of new born children.

‘Securing Research and Development departments’, or ‘Patent Attorneys’ have safes, filing cabinets safeguarding information worth millions of dollars in value. The addition of the RFiD motion detectors or tamper alarming, provide a higher level of maximum security against industrial espionage. In case of power outages, the system has rechargeable batteries, and therefore remains in active mode thus sustaining the system.

The “New Generation Access Control System” now incorporating the RFiD matured technology provides the operators a full-fledged management system that can be used for applications which could be used by other departments such as the Financial and Accounting division or Warehouse and Stores Manager.

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