Keynote Address: Sh. GK Pillai, IAS, former Union Home Secretary of India
Civil unrest and disobedience such as demonstrations, riots, or strikes have become very common. The reasons can be many, however, most are born from political grievances, economic disputes or social discord. The protests can be against the performance of a government, ethnic and religious hatred, where these hatreds are often exploited by ambitious leaders, distributional grievance such as wealth (deprivation & poverty), resources such as river waters or reservation of jobs or where government performance is held as having been particularly discriminatory against a given group in society. Apart from causing economic losses and business disruptions, they affect all citizens either directly or indirectly, and in particular, the security personnel. The speaker will give insights into the causes of these disruptions and the government’s perspective on this.

Keynote Address: Capt. Raghu Raman, President Risk, Security & New Ventures, Reliance Industries Ltd
Security Leaders need to be aware of the paradigm shift that is taking place in our ecosystem and gather the multi-disciplinary skills necessary to understand the thought process of the millennials to engage and deal with them proactively, as the risks; as we understand them today, are changing fast dynamically.

Information Sharing Mechanism Between the Government and the Private Sector
Invariably, as during any kind of protests, such as the Cauvery issue in Bengaluru or the Jat Agitation in Haryana or the recent Farmers Agitation in Mumbai, the movement and safety of staff working for large companies became a major issue to handle, both for the internal security management teams as well as for the external services providers. Such situations can be managed effectively if prior information (intelligence) is available in advance, and also if the information is shared efficiently in real time during such events between relevant stakeholders within the government and the private sectors. This session is devoted to discussing the Standard Operating Procedures of the two-way data flow mechanism that can be developed during such disruptions to minimize risk and to secure human and physical assets, during such events.

Keynote Presenter & Session Moderator: Mr. Bhaskar Rao, IPS, Addl. Director General, Karnataka Police
Panelists: Capt. Poornapragna A, Regional Security Manager, Cisco Systems
Mr. Amit Sharma, CPP -Senior Vice President, Regional Security Manager, Bank of America
Col. Aditya Gurtoo, CPP, CFE, AvSec, ICPS, NEBOSH – Vice Chair, ASIS Bengaluru Chapter
Mr. Uday Singh Director, SIS Enterprises
Mr. Rakesh Tripathie, Managing Director, Peregrine Guarding

How to Become a Proactive Security Organisation
The objective of this session should be to make the audience understand, how to be predictive and preventive rather than reactive to security incidents. The element of Intelligence gathering would also be dovetailed into this session.

Keynote Presenter & Session Moderator: Mr. Johan Du Plooy, CPP, CFE Corporate Compliance and Resilience Advisor (South Africa)
Panelists: Mr. Warren Gladstone, VP & CSO – Hinduja Global Solutions
Major. Vivek Prakash, CPP, PSP, PCI, CBCP – Vice President, Goldman Sachs
Major Sandeep Kumar, CPP – Regional Security Manager -India, WeWork
Major. Mushtaq Khan,MBA,CPP,PCI,PSP,CFE,CBCP, Regional Security Manager – India, Middle East & Africa – Covestro

Futuristic Intelligent Automated Protection Systems
With organisations increasingly deploying scalable physical security systems technology for enterprise protection applications and reducing their dependence on ill trained manpower, it becomes imperative for smaller organisations to learn what large enterprises are doing in this area to counter emerging risks. This session shall be devoted to educating and discussing different aspects of this change. Special focus shall be on how effectively can technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning be deployed to minimise risk and deliver ROI to the End Users.

Keynote Presenter & Session Moderator: Mr.Sreekumar Narayanan, Managing Partner, Xpertisehub Risk Management Services LLP
Mr. Abhishek Kumar – Law Enforcement Outreach and Investigations Lead, Uber
Col Ashish Nangia, CPP,CFE,CBCP, Senior Regional Manager APAC & EMEA, at Intuit Inc.
Mr. Saurabh Bareja, Dy. General Manager, Physical Security, Concentrix Corporation

Personal Data Protection Bill and its Impact on Physical Security Vendors
India’s draft of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018, provides for regulations of users’ personal data that is collected by various third parties, including the state. It provides for the formation of a Data Protection Authority of India to protect citizens’ data and privacy — a growing concern in an increasingly digitized economy. This session will throw light on the provisions of the bill and its impact on stakeholders in general and physical security system vendors in general. The presenter shall also strive to make the corporate physical security professionals aware of the compliances they should demand from their security system vendors
Keynote Presenter: Mr. Jaspreet Singh – Partner Cyber Security, EY

Implications of Privacy Laws on Security Management
In this session, the Speaker will highlight the important aspects of the new Data Privacy Laws and educate the security managers on what they need to know about the new legislation and build necessary safeguards.
Keynote Presenter: Mr. Srinivas Poosarla, Vice President & Head (Global), Privacy & Data Protection, Infosys Ltd

Predictive Criminal Profiling
Threats to organisations need not be external, in fact, they are more at risk today from hostile insiders and even careless employees, who in their naivety and ignorance can potentially become a risk. Tactics to collect, correlate, and visualize potential risk indicators into as a seamless systemic process for protecting an organization’s critical assets from malicious, complacent, and ignorant insiders should be developed, if not already done so, on a war footing by all progressive organisations. This session will focus on how to spot people with a criminal bent of mind early in their onboarding process.

Keynote Presenter & Session Moderator: Prof. K Jaishankar, Professor & Head of Department of Criminology at Raksha Shakti University
Mr. Sethu Seetharaman, CRMA,CISA, CISSP,CBCP,CPP – Senior Vice President & Chief Risk Officer, MphasiS
Col. VS Chandrawat, SM, CPP – Head of Security – Adani Group

Mr. Gurdeep Bains, Managing Director-EDM, Global Asset Protection, Accenture


We encourage participation from all CSOs, CISOs, CROs, professional security and safety managers, end users, government representatives, police, paramilitary and defence personnel. Attendance at the summit is not charged and is by invitation only.