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Since 2006, SECURITY TODAY KNOWLEDGE SUMMIT has proven to be a unique platform for CSO’s and all those connected with the security profession, wherein industry veterans and experts gather not only to learn but also to generate awareness and network with peers and find better ways of achieving Predictive, Proactive and Preventive Security.

India has a large technologically advanced and a restless young generation that has huge aspirations but limited ways of realising them, so criminal innovation is on the rise, leading to the emergence of newer risks concerning people, assets and information that need quick analysis and mitigation measures. SECURITY TODAY Knowledge Summit is our contribution to the professional fraternity and society at large where we network to share, learn and lend support to each other and the law enforcement agencies in curbing crime.

1st Academy of Security Science Education & Training Pvt Ltd. is an award winning ISO certified organisation established in 2000, that publishes India’s leading monthly security magazines – SECURITY TODAY and SECURITY UPDATE. We train people on the technical aspects physical protection systems and conduct surveys, analyse risks and design protection systems for private and government sector clients. We organise educational workshops and summits for the security, safety and fire verticals of the industry.

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We encourage participation from all CSOs, CISOs, professional security and safety managers, end users, government representatives, police, paramilitary and defence personnel. Attendance at the summit is not charged and is by invitation only.