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Introduction to ACS

admin July 16, 2013

This document is designed to help you specify an electronic access control system. This has been considered a minefield in the past by people more familiar with intruder alarms and CCTV – but these days manufacturers strive to supply “usable” products that require little, if any, training. Common sense and this document are all you should need!

Why Electronic Access Control?

Old-fashioned locks and keys leave much to be desired in anything other than a domestic environment, because:

  • Standard keys are easily copied
  • Each person may require several keys
  • Lost and stolen keys represent a major security risk, requiring time and money to solve

But with a modern electronic system these problems are a thing of the past.
Electronic systems can provide additional security by enforcing time rules, by raising an alarm in the event of an unauthorised attempt to gain access, and by recording all access movements, in and out, for analysis in the event of later discovery of a security breach.


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