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Family Safety Tips

admin July 17, 2013

Family Security is Our Business.

Here are some tips to keep your family safe.

Teach your children:

  • To memorize their address and telephone number
  • To never accept gifts from strangers, get into their cars, allow them to touch them in a way that seems wrong, go on walks alone with them or allow themselves to be followed.
  • To immediately run, scream or tell their parents or an adult they trust about strangers trying things that seem wrong.

Children at Home or Near Home

Talk with children regularly about:

  • Getting to and from school safely and playing safely at school.
  • Checking that the doors or windows have not been broken or left open before going in.
  • If they are able to, go to a safe place instead.
  • Locking the door when home alone.
  • Proper use of security systems, panic buttons and other technologies.
  • Safe use of electrical devices.

Teach your children about:

  • The neighborhood, safe places and trusted friends.
  • Being careful about inviting people who telephone into your home.


  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Ride with traffic close to the curb.
  • Use arm signals.

Skating & Skateboards

Children need to be taught to:

  • Practise close to home, not near vehicle traffic.
  • Wear a helmet and other protective equipment.
  • On trails, keep right except to pass.
  • Take care around cards and pedestrians.
  • Walk skateboards across intersections.

Teach them about the World Wide Web

  • Follow family rules.
  • Don’t share your full name, address, school or phone number online.
  • E-mail your friends, but stay out of chat rooms. Ignore e-mails from strangers.
  • Always be friendly online.
  • Say no to anyone wanting to meet you in person.
  • Don’t order or buy anything without parent’s permission.
  • If you see or read something that seems wrong quit immediately; otherwise you could get into trouble with the police.
  • Don’t share your passwords.

Web Precautions

  • Use Internet filters and blocks.
  • Use Internet filters and blocks.
  • Locate the computer in the kitchen or similar where you can see what’s happening online.
  • Know with whom your children correspond by e-mail and which sites they frequent.

Theme Perks

  • As soon as you enter a theme park with your children discuss what to do if you get separated.
  • For the first few minutes they should stay still at the point you lost contact, giving you a chance to quickly find them.
  • After five minutes they ideally meet you at emergency services.
  • If they think they need a stranger’s help it should be a park staff member or a mother with children.


Check carefully the hiring practices of schools, summer camps, sports leagues, day care centers or any institutions where you leave your children.

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