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10 strategies to maximize store productivity

admin September 2, 2013


When it comes to in-store business intelligence, retailers can now literally remove the blindfold that has been holding them back. With the use of real-time, affordable visual intelligence, today’s retailers can clearly see the path to understanding daily activity in the store and maximizing the use of every square foot.

New data from network-based video, combined with data from existing sources, presented in easy-touse reports, will drive more targeted decisions about merchandising and promoting products, directing traffic more effectively through the store and maintaining best-in-class customer service at all touch points. Customers will enter the store with a clear purpose and leave happy with purchases in hand.

As retailers and brand manufacturers become more willing to collaborate, real-time video intelligence will provide the means for information sharing that will benefit both partners. Suppliers can test different promotions, packaging and product placements that will bring the most bang for the buck, creating significant upticks in sales that inevitably benefit the retailer and the supplier.

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